Yoga for Everyone

Whether you bend like spaghetti
or don’t bend at all
whether you’re young or old
big, small or tall.

This is the class where
you’ll learn how to breathe
and bend at the waist
like a tree in the breeze.

You’ll meet some nice people
and have a good time
with a grateful ‘hurray’
coming up from your spine.

On Friday mornings
we’ll bend and we’ll stretch
and chant and breathe
and then have a rest.

Your mind will be calm
your muscles will lengthen
and life will feel cruisey
and blissful like heaven.

Helen Keogh
Canberra Yoga Class

Classes run to the ACT school term

Friday Mornings
10am - 11.30am

Call Helen Keogh 0402 401 735

Everyone is welcome

Downer Community
Center Frencham Place
Downer ACT